British Motor Show
                      Origin and name

A meeting for British vehicles has been in mind for many years, but became a reality only in 2013 when the thoughts were translated into action and the process was really put into swing.

The fascation for England started at a young age, where James Bond was the great idol and all films with the classic English agent are seen more than 10 times. As a history-interested and royalist, the British culture has of course also had a great significance, so when the first car came into the house, a Vauxhall Cavalier, it was natural to join an association for these splendid vehicles.

The passion was intensified when the job as editor of Vauxhall-Bedford Club Danmark became vacant in the summer of 1999, when the first European Vauxhall-Bedford was also wound up and then it also became a couple of years as a board member of the club.

Throughout these years, the passion for British vehicles has only grown steadily, a disorder that has grown only by seeing many fantastic vehicles, including the Bilmesse & Brugtmarked - a car fair in Fredericia

At one point, the Danish Consul Zephyr & Zodiac Club, Rootes Denmark, Rover Owners Club Denmark and Vauxhall-Bedford Club Denmark attempted to start a meeting for British Vehicles, but it only became a handful of meetings with very few participants.


With inspiration from England, where several Meetings are held at the many preserved castles and fortresses. It was time to take the first step to a new meeting for British vehicles in Denmark. The Meeting should not only be a traditional Meeting. The idea was also that the Meeting should display British culture, food and drinks.

During the first two years at the Virksund Conference Center and at Spottrup Castle, the Meeting was named Made In Great Britain – Classic Motor Show with the acronym MIGB. The name was not straightforward, so many had doubts about the possibility of participating in newer vehicles. Therefore in 2017 the name was exchanged to British Motor Show, a name change that also required a new logo.

In 2018 the third Meeting was held at Strandet Manor. A place of historical wine and unique distinctive character not seen many places in Denmark.

From the outset, through a solid network, the new British Meeting has attracted vehicles from other European countries. It is a great pleasure to know that the Meeting already has a solid name all around Europe.

The future offers more action. More British culture and lifestyle. But always with focus on our vehicles.

Efter nogle år med Corona og stilstand, er vi nu på banen igen med et nyt setup og er klar med et træf i Viborg 2024.

Freddy Laursen

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