British Motor Show | 2020

The British Motor Show is made for people who are hungry for everything British, be it cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, tractors or vans and whatever the age of the vehicle.

As in 2018, the Strande Manor will gather for the Exhibition of the British Motor Show on Saturday, June 6, 2020, while accommodation for all participants will take place at the Virksund Conference Centrer. A wonderful place that is overlooking the Hjarbaek Fjord.

The British Motor Show will be held from Friday, June 5, where we celebrated National Historic Driving Day with a great drive in Nordfjends and Salling in Skive Municipality to the Hjerl Hede Open Air Museum. On Saturday, June 6, the British Motor Show will head to Strandet Manor, where our big meeting day will be held and where there is the possibility of catering and festive and cultural initiatives.

The place is situated in the fantastic nature close to the water, so there is plenty of opportunity for everyone to have a wonderful weekend.
On Saturday, Strandet Manor creates the location for the actual meeting, where all vehicles are exhibited and a number of activities happen throughout the day. There will be an opportunity to dine, there will be a large indoor pub area, indoor market areas where you can make a good deals and we have other good actions in our minds


Which vehicles can participate?

All vehicles are allowed to participate as long as they are made / produced in the UK, but also vehicles manufactured by UK manufacturers abroad are welcome at the British Motor Show.

How old should my vehicle be to attend?

All vehicles can participate regardless of age.

Which nations will participate

We currently have registrations from Denmark, England, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands, but we also hope for visitors from other European countries.

It is important to emphasize that you can attend the meeting only on Saturdays at Strandet Manor without prior registration. But the organizers would still like to have a feel for how many people who'll participate and therefore a registration will be of great help to us

There will be an ample opportunity to look at all kinds of vehicles from the country which gave us great brands such as: Austin, Bedford, Caterham, engelsk Ford, Jaguar, Jensen, Jowett, Land Rover, Leyland, Lotus, MG, Mini, Morgan, Morris, Rolls Royce, Rover, Sunbeam, Triumph, Vauxhall, Wolseley and many other proud British vehicles.

Throughout the British Motor Show there will be the opportunity to buy Danish and English beer, but also the our own British Motor Show beer. The British Motor Show Classic 2020 can be enjoyed together with good food and other delicacies